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FT-10 gewichtsindicator

Product description

The FT-10 family offers a comprehensive range of weighing indicators for both static and dynamic weighing as well as force measurement applications.
In total, 11 versions are available from basic functionality through to versions with additional I/O and a range of communication protocols, such as Modbus, Profibus-DP, ProfiNET, EtherNet TCP/IP and CANopen.
Capable of 1,600 measurements/sec and with an accuracy of 0.0015% the FT10 is an ideal economic weight indicator. Particularly compact, the housing is made of stainless steel and aluminium, ideal for industrial environments. A large 6-digit LED weight display (red 14 mm) allows easy readability even in poor light conditions. Tactile 5-key keyboard for basic scale functions. Applications include universal weighing, process weighing, process automation & control, test and measurement applications.

Key features;

  • Compact panel housing
  • Max. conversion rate of 1 ,600 updates per second
  • Test weight or eCal calibration
  • Span adjustment under load
  • EU-Type Examination Certificate, 10,000 e (R76)
  • Input sensitivity: 0.4 μV/e (legalfor-trade), 0.1 μV/d (industrial)
  • Bipolar analogue input range (-18…+18mV)
  • Serial ports RS232C, RS485
  • Power supply 12…28 VDC
  • Wide range of optional fieldbuses
  • Modbus as standard

More info; 

FT-10 indicator

FT-10 weegsysteem display